Varied work and great support for trainee counsellors

The following is a little bit about my experience as a FDAMH volunteer trainee Psychotherapist.

I have had a wide range of clients coming from various backgrounds both male and female, who vary in age. The majority of my clients have been middle aged although I have had some younger and older clients also.

I feel the clients have been reasonably well matched to my current ability and level of expertise. I feel Liz takes time to find out how I am progressing through my training and if I feel competent with the type of client’s I have referred to me. I am very happy with the level of support our counselling coordinator, Liz, gives. She is extremely helpful and offers support around client work. I feel able to share my concerns and success with Liz, I feel she takes me seriously and offers good practical advice and support. I don’t feel pressure to get everything right, she displays a lot of compassion and caring. In my opinion she models a good ethical working style ensuring our clients get the best possible service and I as the therapist take care of my needs also.

The training I have attended, in my opinion, has been of a very high standard and well organised. The training events are well publicised and I am made to feel more than welcome to attend. The one I most enjoyed was the workshop about self-harming, I feel I gained a lot of understanding about the process a person who self-harms goes through and how to work with that type of client.

My experience at FDAMH has been enjoyable, the staff are friendly, there is a good atmosphere within the building, the reception seems to work well. I like the open door policy, I feel able to approach other members of staff, the place seems to run well with lots of opportunities for staff members and the general public. Overall I have a very high opinion of the work and service we all provide as an organisation.

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