‘Befriending’ produces great results – even if you don’t like the name!

My experience of the Befriending Scheme is one that I really enjoyed. I was quite dubious about it at first as I was not sure what to expect. The word “befriending” made me feel unsure and at present I still do not like the name.

After being matched, and then after our first meeting, I knew straight away that we would get on as I regard myself as a good judge of character. I would have realised straight away if it was not right for me.

During our first meeting we found we had a great deal in common and could talk easily to one another. This friendship developed and, even though I’m older, we both learned from each other and also share similar interests. It never really occurred to me that someone was befriending me — we were just friends.

Who would have thought this time last year that I would now be enjoying listening to Bob Dylan! Now that the title has been dropped, we still keep in touch by telephone to arrange to go out somewhere.

Overall this has been a great learning experience and has helped boost my confidence to then go to college and also attend various courses. Finally my conclusion is that if you are matched with the right person, then I strongly believe the Befriending Scheme would be very rewarding for both parties concerned.

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