Befriending, feedback from a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN)

I am writing to provide feedback on the success of the befriending service. Due to illness my patient had become very socially isolated. FDAMH carefully matched him with a befriender with similar interests. His befriender was also very flexible which is indeed required when working with someone with fluctuating mental health. The result of the befriending experience is that he keeps in touch with his befriender as a friend. He has a renewed interest in photography and is more confident socially. He has also applied for and been introduced to another befriender.

When treating people with severe and enduring mental health problems much more than medication is required. Their need for socialisation is also incredibly important. As not everyone we see is able to join groups the individual approach the befriending service offers is invaluable. I would like to again express my appreciation for the services you offer.

Tags: Befriending, Isolation and Loneliness