Carers Mindfulness Course – My scepticism was misplaced

This is a sample of the feedback we’ve received on our Carers Mindfulness Course. The course receives excellent feedback and demonstrates high levels of significant improvement using the outcome measure CORE-10.

Have there been changes in your knowledge since starting the course?
If so, what have these changes been?

I have a greater knowledge of different ways of think about and respond to situations. This has given rise to an increased awareness in less helpful thinking styles and when I tend to resort to these. In such instances, this knowledge and awareness sometimes allows me to make choices about my responses far more so than was the case previously. Rather than stepping back from a situation I feel that I am simply viewing it from a slightly different perspective — not engaging with it any less, just is a way that is better for me.

Have there been changes in your attitude since starting the course?
I suppose only in relation to external and larger scale cultural ‘norms’. My attitude towards the more westernised target orientated and performance driven existence has probably shifted somewhat — I guess insofar as I subscribe to this less and less as a driver for my own work, life and development.

Have there been changes in your behaviour since starting the course?
Here, I would say that I am trying more to take time to engage with mindfulness and with undertaking tasks in a more mindful way. I am structuring my time and prioritising things slightly differently and this may yet change further as I develop practices further. Physically, I feel less stressed and more resilient which would seem to be reflected in my pace, urgency and approach to things within my home and work life.

What did you find most helpful about coming on the course?
There are two big parts to this. Firstly, being able to look at, understand and trial the mindfulness practices and approaches for myself. It is something I want to explicitly continue to develop and find myself viewing everyday occurrences in a more mindful way. These tools and strategy, as an outcome to this course, are and (I am sure) will continue to be helpful to me. The second part is that I was able to explore this with other people — share, discuss and reflect on experiences. This process not only helped to understand the different ways in which other people engaged with the practices, but — in doing so — helped me to make better sense of how I was understanding and responding to thigs in my own head (even if this was to discover my acute vacancy on several occasions — Lynne would see that as no great shock!!). The people there provided a very supportive and trusting group — this was invaluable to me.

How did you experience the trainer.
Excellent, as was her glamorous assistant and Neil. In all honesty, I through she was superb and balanced input with time to comment and reflect in an entirely supportive and non-judgemental way. She was able to tease out different aspects of peoples experiences and drew pertinent connections throughout to dimensions of the mindfulness practice. Her guidance through meditations was excellent.

What did you find least helpful?
I sense that this is a trick question to see how mindful I have really become!!! In all seriousness, I don’t think there was anything unhelpful about it. Even the change of location (which could be perceived as more negative for me in some ways) was simply part of the overall experience.

Any other comments/suggestions?
I knew I wanted to do mindfulness but, hand on heart, was sceptical about what I thought it might offer me. I am quite happy to know now how misplaced my scepticism was.

With many thanks.

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