COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills

I was delighted to start the COSCA course in FDAMH last year. One of the reasons being, that it was on my doorstep, so it made it a lot easier for me to commit to the course and fit it around my work and family. I would not have had the time to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh, and I knew that I was ready to study, so this was the best and perfect option for me.

My main reason for taking the course was to improve on my skills and to increase my confidence with clients, who I work with every day as a support worker. I think I wanted to reassure myself that I was offering them the best possible support/service.

Well, the course has definitely ticked all the boxes and more. Yes, we learned counselling skills and practice, as it is a process. And we gained confidence through practice.

Many other unexpected things have come from this, we have a tight knit group. There is a lot of trust and respect within the group. We have discovered a lot about ourselves, and have felt safe enough to share these insights with each other.

The facilitator is highly skilled, she guides us through all the different topics with great skill and gives us regular support and feedback on our progression.

Now we have come to the last module, we all feel a bit sad that in a number of weeks it will be completed. We are determined though to keep in touch, as we have made some unique and special friendships which have helped us learn and grow together in a supportive environment.

Provided May 2015

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