Counselling Skills Course surpasses expectations

I initially set out to complete the COSCA Counselling Skills course in order to develop my communication skills and gain a better understanding of how to effectively listen and respond to those who want someone to talk to.

The course has overall surpassed my expectations — there is an effective balance of skills practice, knowledge and theory and also exploration of your own self-awareness and ethics. Participating in the course allows you to develop these skills in a safe and encouraging environment, supported by a tutor and a group of people that you quickly bond with.

I feel that my knowledge has increased substantially over the last year, particularly in terms of being more aware of the different counselling approaches, the ethics and code of conduct that should be integrated in to counselling practice and some of the life issues which may be why someone seeks counselling. I have found that I now feel comfortable to actively listen and respond when in a situation that may require the use of counselling skills. In terms of self-awareness, I feel that there has been a significant change in my confidence and belief in myself which has encouraged me to make a few positive changes in my life.

I would recommend the course for anyone wanting to know more about how to effectively communicate and listen to others, whether it is for a career change or just to learn more about yourself and be able to offer support to someone who would benefit from having someone truly listen to them.

Tags: FDAMH Training