Darkness to Light

Dear Friends,
I’m sorry I hastily call you friends when I don’t know you. Fellow suffers is not what I am either, so if I met you I’m sure we would be friends. Let me tell you about my journey in FDAMH.

When I first was asked by my doctor to go and get counselling, I said no way, I was scared, I was a failure and a nut job. In the end I finally agreed. “Deary me , what was I doing”.

However I came, a 70 year old woman. Anxious, nervous and downright afraid.
However when I got to FDAMH the first person I met was the girl at the desk, what a nice smile, I got taken to the waiting room after I signed in.

At first when I met my counsellor I thought nice girl but I don’t think I’ll be able to talk much to her. I was so wrong, she made me feel at ease by gently asking me a little about myself. That done as the weeks went by I started to feel better about myself. At first I always blamed me for what went on, but as the weeks went on in honesty and truth made me realise that I am not to blame for other people, we are all responsible for our own self as everyone is responsible for their self.

So to finish I do not blame myself for anyone else’s badness or down right wickedness. I now know what has happened to me was and is not my fault. Darkness to Light, that is what I got from my counsellor and FDAMH.

Remember be honest and open. Without it there would be nothing at the end. I am happier now that I know I’m not to blame, so good luck on your journey my friends.

Provided: November 2014

Tags: Counselling