I have to say yes to you because you are there
I can’t leave you because you are the cross I have to bear
A death brought you onto my pathway one day
And then mental illness found its way.

Six times without conviction you’ve rattled my cage
I was just an innocent walking you about had me deranged
Those six times I tried to escape
And those six times ended up in rape.

At certain times I’ve tried to come to you
In those god awful moments slit wrists, some kind of over view
One million tablets swallowed, with the hanging ladder intent to die
You’re never ending visits so haunt to make me cry.

You are a never ending circle which consequents doom
An endless merry go round dark with a tomb
Unexpectedly you’ll come round just to say
I’m the bogey man Stephanie. Won’t you come out to play.

Time upon time you prey at my door
You’re the devil incarnate for ever more
Mentally exhausted I’m left licking the wounds
With a heart so darkened I renaign your sounds.

Evil oh evil us mere innocents you rake
You are no 666 but 999 in our emergency how you’d love us to break
But for love of god which passes all understanding
Righteousness mercy just so stops your demanding.

There must come time that will hault your fate
Where depression you will hand with devil your mate
Where hopefully I will be the one left riding
With the god my father in our peaceful perfect chariot
Over a shangrile sky.

This moving poem was written by a member of our Creative Writing Group and was read out live on Radio Royal in 2015.

Tags: Activity Groups, Depression