Embracing new challenges with the Media Group

I first started attending FDAMH with Jane the Link Worker, she came with me to the Next Step group which I thoroughly enjoy.

From there she introduced me to the Media Group, sitting in the room while I was there. After some time I felt able to be in the room with the other people in the group. I found it a bit difficult when new people started coming, they then started to bring other people with mental health problems to the group as well, I really was not in my comfort zone, but unlike other times when I felt uncomfortable in a group I did not run out, that was because I enjoyed it and knew that if I left then the only person to lose out was me.

It was difficult at first but after a couple of weeks I had become used to them and we were starting to talk. Now we are all a group who care for each other.

Not long after that we started to do some drama, I went along to join in the exercises, although I thought I would not take part, but I would like to help in the background. After a couple of weeks the play was written with a part for me and I felt I could not let the group down by not taking part.

Because of this I have gained confidence in talking, and have had to face my fear of people with the help of the group. We did art too and yet again I found that I was more able than I had given myself credit for, that particular piece now has pride of place in my room.

I am looking forward to whatever the group does next, I am sure that it will continue to stretch me to help me to make the most of life

Tags: Activity Groups, Anxiety, Panic