Client feedback on the Counselling Service in 2012/13

Each paragraph below is a different voice revealing what people said to us about the counselling service after completing their sessions.

“It’s been a lifeline. Would not have coped without it – still struggling, will probably be back. Very good.”

“I have been really pleased with my counselling, just having someone to talk too, I really don’t speak a lot about my mental Health and it has helped me by trying to find out about my illness. Counselling service provided was excellent, my Counsellor was great and really helped me.”

“Very pleased with the one-to-one sessions. Very satisfied with the counselling. I found it welcoming and friendly. And it helped me, my counsellor was very understanding. Thanks”

“Very helpful”

“I thought the first counsellor I was assigned to was not well suited to me, however after raising this with the co-ordinator, I was assigned someone else reasonably quickly which was very beneficial.”

“It has helped me look at things in a different light.”

“I never knew my counselling would help me as much as it has, by helping me looking at the things I was struggling with, I can manage my life better by looking at the bigger picture, I learnt -I was normal. Just dealt with things wrong.”

“Full course and counsellor were exceptional”


“My counsellor was patient, kind and gave me a great insight into ‘me’ helped my confidence and self esteem greatly”

“Useful, took so much from the service, helped me to understand not just myself but others, helped me to link the present with events of the past.”

“The counselling I received was excellent and very inspiring to me. Thank you so much”

“(1.) A bit more information on the type of counselling that would be received. (2.) Expected some homework./Something to work on at home.”

“I had an excellent counsellor who listened and understood.”

“Counselling has been one of the best undertakings of my life. My counsellor was fantastic. A weight has lifted. Thank you!”

“I feel grateful that someone was listening to me without judging me”

“My counsellor has been very helpful, understanding and welcoming.”

“I am very pleased, at the moment I feel a lot better, it was good to talk to my counsellor and having support, I needed thank you very much.”

“(I was) made to feel at ease and welcome.”

“I was unsure if this would work for me – it was a fantastic resource. I was able to talk freely and to consider my feelings in a non-biased atmosphere. It allowed me to open new beginnings and leave the past behind. A big thank you to my counsellor.”


“My counsellor made me feel important from day one and has made a huge difference on my outlook on life – gratefully appreciated”

“Very relaxed setting, I felt I was able to cover any topic I wished.”

“Was a nice feeling not to be judged.”

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