Finding the artist inside with FDAMH

I am an artist on the inside. I see the world in a different light. In times of stress I turn to painting for comfort and for confidence.

Before I came to FDAMH life was hard as I don’t have any family here. Two years ago I lost my home at Christmas time and wasn’t able to see my family anymore.

I first when I came to FDAMH I was nervous but as I got to know all the people I began to feel comfortable and tried to help newcomers feel at ease.

Last Christmas I saw some drawings in the FDAMH gallery and it inspired me to try something new. I wanted to learn how to draw and paint so when a class came up I joined up. I started to find that when I did my Art I felt comfortable on the inside and that made me feel like I could do good and help others on the outside. I feel positive about the future now, I feel like things are getting easier for me and I’m looking forward to doing more painting.

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