Free health checks at FDAMH providing real benefit

(Thanks to the NHS’s Keep Well Project FDAMH has provided free health checks for clients and volunteers)

“I signed up for the medical in FDAMH because I thought it was a good idea and I hadn’t had a cholesterol check and blood pressure check in a long time.

Whilst doing the check the nurse noticed that my blood pressure was extremely high. She asked me to return in a weeks time to re-do the test, just incase it was a one-off. I went back, and again, my blood pressure was very high. Due to this, I went to my GP and told him about the health check and the results. He checked my blood pressure and immediately prescribed medication for it. He said that he was very pleased I had gone to the health check and then come to him, as my blood pressure was very high indeed. He was pleased we had caught this early on, as there is a history of both heart disease and strokes on both sides of my family. My blood pressure was so high that he said if it hadn’t been caught, I was at very high risk of a heart attack or stroke and that if it had been only a little higher, he would have sent me straight to hospital. He was very pleased it had been spotted. I’m now on medication for my blood pressure and we have also looked at one or two other things that the health check pointed out.

I think these health checks are a great idea. I would never have known about my blood pressure if I hadn’t gone along. I’m definitely pleased I went, relieved, in fact, that she spotted it. It’s a great service”