I’m much more able to do things myself now…

The Third Age Befriending Stepping On Group expanded their activities to visiting a wider range of local cafes and restaurants, as well as day trips out to further afield venues and activities. On our days out, we started by picking B up from his flat, then encouraged him to come along to a more central point to be picked up by the bus. This was to encourage B to find his own way to a designated spot at an allocated time.

B was talking about the confidence he now feels in travelling to new places:
“Since we started going out to different trips, I feel more able, more confident. I know I can do it and I won’t panic. I’ve wanted to go back to Stirling to see the town for a long time. I haven’t been back since moving over here, but I couldn’t take the bus because I was too feart. Well, we’ve been out a lot lately and I loved it, seeing all the different places and the wee bus was great. I love sitting looking out the window.
So the other day was a good day and I thought, I’m going to try and get the bus to Stirling. I thought I’d just go through to see if I could do it and come home. But I went for a wee wander through the town and then had a bit lunch in a café. I could never, never have done that a year ago. I wouldn’t have gone out on a bus and I wouldn’t have gone into a café by myself.

I do think the group has made a difference, aye definitely. I’m much more able to do things myself now. Going into Stirling was big for me, I’m fair pleased with myself. I’m definitely going back for another trip.”

Provided July 2014

Tags: Anxiety, Third Age Befriending