Learning a different approach with Mindfulness training for Carers

This has simply been the best course I have been part of for many years. I am already embracing many of the aspects of it, and am benefiting from this on a daily basis. It is an enriching experience which I would highly recommend.

I have always been interested in and appreciated the benefits of meditation, but always found great difficulty in applying myself. This course has provided me with the tools to ‘find a way into it’ and fully embrace it — Thanks, Louise. I mention the trainer, Louise, as I do think for me that was a significant element. Louise has a manner of delivery that certainly enhances the experience and made the whole process very accessible, and also (always a plus) very enjoyable.

I am already enjoying the difference in my approach to the little difficulties that crop up in everyday life. For people experiencing trauma & more serious difficulties I believe it would be invaluable. I would highly recommend this course.

Tags: Carers and Family Support, FDAMH Training