Making Margaret proud

Do you know, I would never have known that Callendar House was there unless Arthur (my Befriender) had opened my eyes to it. He’s showing me so many things that I never knew were out there and all free too. The Helix is wonderful and I’ve been back myself after Arthur took me.

I think you made a wonderful match there. He’s such a great guy and easy to talk to, funny, a lot in common with me. I really like him and I’m so pleased you picked him to work with me. Thanks so much. I already feel he’s beginning to work, I’ve found it easier to stay off the big binges (drinking) and I do look forward to seeing him, so it gives me a focus. I do think about Margaret a lot, still, but instead of thinking that she would be ashamed of me, I think ” Oh Margaret would have enjoyed it here” or “Margaret would have liked walking here” when I’m out at places with Arthur. I think Margaret would be proud of me, at what I’m doing. This is a great project, I had no idea something like this would help, it would help so many people.

Provided August 2014

Tags: Isolation and Loneliness, Third Age Befriending