Leaving limbo and finding my creativity

Before finding FDAMH I wandered around in a state of limbo thinking why me and that I was the only one feeling this way. I felt ashamed to admit I had mental health issues. Now I feel I’m part of a family who are all my friends. I am not judged and I am accepted as me! I started off attending for counselling and then attended the women’s group. At present I’m in the media group which I thoroughly enjoy. We have done a play about mental health “we are all bobby” and have performed this in front of an audience. I now do poetry which may not be rabbie burns but its mine and I enjoy it. The truth be told if I had not come to FDAMH and joined the media group I wouldn’t have known the creative skills I have. I look forward to many years with my family and friends.

Tags: Activity Groups, Counselling