Mindfulness – Our Journey

Chris and Lawson share their experience of one of FDAMH’s mindfulness courses…

“Our lives contained stresses and anxieties due to both of our personal circumstances. Over the past few years we have explored individually and jointly various ways of combating the stresses and anxieties that had become a significant part of our daily lives.

These ways included CBT and Stress Management which although helpful and educational, did not provide solutions to the issues we were experiencing.

We had heard a bit about a Mindfulness in the media and thought it may be helpful to us. Earlier this year we went to see Ruby Wax’s show about Mindfulness which gave us an insight into the techniques used, which spurred us on to look for a local course.

Later in the year we were fortunate to find the FDAMH course and after a chat with Neil Sowerby enrolled for this in the Autumn of 2015.

During the first couple of weeks on the course we realised that we had begun to discover the benefits of using breathing and other types of meditation to acquire the ability to gain a real understanding of what our bodies were feeling and how to accept what was going on around us. This in turn developed to seeking out the capacity to be kind to ourselves, which was something that most people attending the course had had difficulties with.

Finally, this course provided a safe environment in which to practice these meditation techniques and discuss our experiences with a group of people who we were comfortable with. This became an experience that we looked forward to every week.

The 8-week course has been very beneficial to us and we would have no hesitation in recommending this to others.”

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