Pushing past anxiety to reap the benefits of befriending

Having had anxiety for a long time, meeting people and going places has always been a struggle. So when having a befriender was mentioned, the same anxious feelings of fear and worry which usually made me put off doing things were there as always.

I’m glad to say I did push through my anxiety and met my befriender who was so easy going that it made me question what all my worrying was for. I realised had I not met him it would have been a big mistake as I would have missed out on many positive experiences, like having something to look forward to each week or learning to play squash which I would never have done or just being able to talk about anxiety and depression with someone who understands just in the same kind of way we chat about everyday things like movies or what happened during our week.

Thinking about my anxiety and negative thinking I had before meeting my befriender and then seeing through time how it changed to the point of looking forward to the meetings. It gives me hope that if my thoughts and anxiety can change with that, hopefully they can be changed with other aspects of my life.

Received: February 2014

Tags: Anxiety, Befriending, Depression