Reaching personal goals and moving on thanks to Befriending

When I was first referred to FDAMH for a befriender I was just sitting in the house all day because I didn’t have the confidence to go out.

I met with Stuart (Service Manager) at the centre and we had a chat about befriending and what I might want to do.

I was matched really quickly with a befriender and we arranged to meet every week in Falkirk. At first I really had to push myself to go, but I did. We got on well and had a good laugh. My befriender seemed to know what I was feeling and it seemed to me he used his skills to help and encourage me to regain my confidence.

We went to Wotherspoons for lunch when it was busy and to the Howgate when it was busy and this built up my confidence in busy places. We also did some fun things like having a wander round the charity shops.

I’d say that my confidence is at about 95% now and I’m able to get out and about on my own. I’ve now got things in place that keep me busy every day.

I feel that the befriending has achieved what I wanted it to achieve and I am able to move on under my own steam. My befriender can now do a similar job with someone who was in the place I was in.

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