Social Prescribing helped me actively participate in living again

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I first came in but right from the minute I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and that I mattered which was good as my self esteem/confidence were very low.

The worker was encouraging in her contact with me and this helped to lift me into a ‘can do’ approach, I had been hiding myself away and getting further and further disconnected with other people and with my own self. I was able to follow the tools and techniques given and subsequently my confidence started to grow whilst I started to actively participate in living again.

Life isn’t always easy but it can and does get better through hard work and the realisation that this life is indeed my own and that I need to take full rseponsibility for that.

I don’t know how to thank you but I do intend to make a donation from my first pay packet, yes I have been able to get back to work!

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