“Talking it out” through Art

On taking part in FDAMH’s Painting Class:

I have suffered from mental ill health since I was a child but was diagnosed with post natal depression after my eldest daughter was born. Unfortunately I have suffered on and off with mental health issues since.

I first found art therapy within Dunrowan Day Hospital. I loved it. It gave me a release, a way to communicate my feelings without speaking. It gave me a sense of achievement and helped me through some very traumatic times. In darker days I could look at my work and remember the joy I had while making it.

My art is not only pencil and paint; I also make jewellery, crochet, and papercut, sew, and recycle “rubbish” into something beautiful and useable.

Art is freeing, constructive, therapeutic, calming, colourful, expressive and fun! It can be done anywhere, alone or with friends or as a group. Art is not perfect and neither am I! No boundaries, no rules, do what you like and like what you do. I am creative, it is part of who I am, but it is not the only part. Art helps me convey, to anyone who cares to look, the other parts of me that I cannot verbalise. There is emotion in every piece of work. Sometimes it is calm within a pencil drawing. Sometimes happy and energetic, full of colour and life in a splash of paint “Jackson Pollock” style. Sometimes it is sad and black and menacing, in charcoal/pastels. Whatever the emotion or feeling there is a style, time, method that will help you to “talk” it out. I love ART.

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