Being a board member at FDAMH is rewarding in so many ways

Being a Board member at FDAMH is rewarding in so many ways. We have a fabulous staff team at FDAMH and playing a small part in this organisation’s success is humbling. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we can turn ideas into actions. The most rewarding thing is to see a project being discussed, funding sought and the project implemented within weeks/months. The ability of the organisation to think big and tackle the inequities of healthcare access is also greatly personally rewarding.
Everyone is touched in some way by depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. Nobody is immune, I have personal experience of this despite my knowledge after working for many years in the mental health field. I used to think that I could cope with everything and was some kind of “wonder woman”. FDAMH were there for me, to support me and help me pick up the pieces and put my life back into perspective.
I am passionate about FDAMH’s success in increasing community understanding of mental health and wellbeing and reducing the stigma associated with these conditions.

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