The time my befriender gives me means such a lot

We went to Matalan, which is the first time I’ve been to the shops in 6 months. Even before, it was straight to the shops, get what you need and back out again. But with my befriender I can take my time and look at stuff, try stuff on, talk, just look at the stuff and have a laugh. Be normal.

I really enjoy her company. I really do. You name it, we talk about it. It’s like I’ve known her for so long. I’ve really taken to her. She helps calm me. I can get rid of a lot that plays on my mind, worries me and I don’t realise I’m doing it (worrying). She’s helping me cope with my illness 100%, just by taking my mind off it. Just having someone who can sit and talk, it helps. For the time she gives me, it means such a lot.

It doesn’t feel like she was ever a stranger. She’s down to earth and homely. Just a lovely homely girl, you know, just makes you feel right at home.She talks to me too, about her busy life and hearing about someone else’s life makes me remember that I’m the same as everybody else. I’d like to think I can help her too. And she brings me my special sweeties, every week. Angel.

Thank you so much, I feel better and I thoroughly enjoy seeing my befriender.

(This person was benefiting from a befriender through the Third Age Befriending project)


Tags: Isolation and Loneliness, Third Age Befriending