Third Age Befriending – “I like the looking forward”

On our first meeting, we went to see a friend of mine who had had a heart attack. I hadn’t been able to see her and I was so desperate. It was great seeing her and I felt really relieved at being able to see her.

We go out all the time. It’s been, oh, about two years since I was last out in Falkirk, well, anywhere! My befriender took me down to Falkirk and I was amazed at how much it has changed! Some really great changes. I kept on bumping into people who I knew and they couldn’t believe I was out and about again. Some didn’t know I was in a wheelchair now. My befriender said ” Do you know everyone in Falkirk?!”We went down again, the following week and my befriender met loads of people she kent, so it was my turn to say “Do you ken everyone in Falkirk?!”

We went to Dunelm Mill, which I had heard about from neighbours. It’s fabulous, really good. I got some cushions, for the flat, which really cheered me up. I got a throw for my chair too. Lovely colours. I loved it there, I could spend a fortune. We’re going back again, and trying the café this time.

I get a bit of my independence back, it’s totally up to us what we do, and where we go. I’m going to places I used to only hear about. Just being able to pick my own, nice cushions! I really like her company, she’s good to blether to, always and I’d really miss her. I love getting out in the car again. I just love it.

I think the best thing about the befriending is that I look forward to her coming. Seems silly, but just knowing I’m going to be getting out later in the week helps a lot. I like the looking forward.

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