Third Age Group members thrive due to new ideas

Hugh talks about the Third Age Befriending project’s Stepping On Group and the changes that have taken place throughout this year introducing new members and more varied meeting places:

“I like the group much better now. Before, we always went to the same café so I didn’t go too often. But now, I really like trying all the new café’s and restaurants. Two years ago, I would not have been able to go into a restaurant or café, I would have been too nervous, worried, I just couldn’t have walked in to a restaurant myself. But if I know the group is waiting for me, I’m fine. I’m really pleased I’m doing it.

We’ve been to some really good cafes. I really like the trips we’ve been on too. Everyone gets to put in an idea for a trip. The Steam Railway was one of my suggestions and I’m really looking forward to that. I would never have thought about a boat trip, but Margaret’s idea of the RSPB boat trip sounds great and I’m hoping it’ll be a good day for it.

I think it’s good that more new people are joining us, new faces to chat to. New ideas, too. Yes, I like the group much better now and I come more often than before. All these beautiful ladies there, you see!”

Received: April 2014

Tags: Third Age Befriending