Adult Counselling Waiting List Closed until September

We are still accepting referrals to Young Person’s Counselling (14 to 18 years). However due to the length of our waiting list for adult counselling (ages 19 and over) we have taken the decision to stop accepting referrals for several weeks until Monday 4th September.

During this period please remember that our Immediate Help Service offers an opportunity for one-to-one support and assessment, without the need to make an appointment. Our Immediate Help staff will listen, provide emotional support and information, and help you find out about services that may be of benefit to you – whether in FDAMH or elsewhere.

You may also wish to note that our Fast Track Counselling Service, for those willing and able to pay for their counselling, remains open, helping to alleviate pressure on the waiting list for our Adult Counselling.

14/07/2017 at 11:51 am