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Health Apps Library

We all have our favourite apps, but what you may not be so familiar with are the myriad of health apps that claim to be able to monitor or help you improve a vast array of health and wellbeing issues. Apps can be really helpful, for example Mindfulness Meditation Apps can provide great guided meditations for beginners, or we’ve found that some people like to use apps to monitor what affects their mood by using a mood diary app. But which to chose?

The NHS in England have published a health app ‘library’. This lists apps they have reviewed and feel may be of benefit for a wide range of conditions. To become listed the apps must connect to reliable sources of health information, be judged to be safe, be relevant to people in England (so they should be largely good for Scotland too!) and comply with strict data security and privacy rules, including the Data Protection Act. Just remember that not all apps are free, or there may be free content with the option to pay for premium content.

You can access the app library by going to

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07/01/2015 at 11:38 am