Boost your CV – Be a Charity Trustee!

This November we celebrated Trustee’s Week which acknowledges the UK’s trustees and promotes the benefits of volunteering as a trustee. In Scotland we have over 24,000 registered charities and with over 180,000 charity trustees each and every one of them deserves to be celebrated.

But what do Charity Trustees do? Charity trustees hold ultimate responsibility for the charities they support. They are unpaid, voluntarily giving their time and skills to play a vital role in making a difference. Our Board of Trustees meets every two months. They employ FDAMH’s staff; make decisions about how FDAMH is run and what services it should provide; and ensure FDAMH’s finances are in order.

With 67% of all trustees over the age of 60 there is a requirement for younger people to become more involved. Not that we are saying 60 is old by any means. However, having younger trustees brings a different range of skills and different views, and in return they get fantastic organisational and business experience.

If you think you might have the skills and commitment to become a charity trustee with FDAMH you can find more information on our Trustee page. For an informal chat contact Morag Fullard on 01324 671600.

28/11/2016 at 12:26 pm