Choir members share words for ‘Tightrope’


On a bright Spring morning we gathered at The Kelpies in Falkirk to support our Freedom of Mind Choir leader Kim Edgar, with the filming of a video for her song ‘Tightrope’, from her latest album ‘Stories Untold’.

Sixteen fantastic members of the choir took part in sharing a word which held particular personal resonance, to accompany Kim’s lyrics:

“One day I’ll be brave
Let loose these words I save
Sing aloud exactly how I feel….”

As Kim herself explains, “The idea behind the song Tightrope is that sometimes it takes a lot of courage to share how we are feeling, so it was great that so many Choir members were willing to share their feelings for this music video, which I hope will raise awareness of FDAMH and the services they offer to help ‘shed light in a dark place'”.

The choir members were very happy to take part in this exciting morning’s filming, and were very brave and articulate in their choice of words. Kim’s music video will be released in June.

29/05/2017 at 10:31 am