Days in the Life of a Fundraiser Don’t Get Better Than This!

Wednesday 4th February 2015 is a date that won’t be forgotten for a long time at FDAMH! Look how Fundraising Manager Stuart’s incredible day unfolded….

9.30am — staff from a local office popped into our Centre with a donation of £92 which they had raised by wearing a Xmas Jumper at work day….in January!! Great idea!
10.15am — A local church Charity Shop “Hidden Treasurers” came into the Centre with a donation of £500. Each month this shop identifies local charities to support so we were delighted when they chose FDAMH.
12.30pm — The postie arrived with award letters for 2 grants from trusts that we had applied to: £2000 from a local charity – The Agnes Watt Trust – towards Drop In Activities and £4000 from The Pixel Trust towards our Immediate Help Service.
1pm — A happy lunchtime letting other staff hear about the day’s successes! If only every day was like this one!
2.10pm — Reception staff transferred an anxiously awaited call to our Fundraiser. The caller was from the BIG Lottery and stated “Stuart, I’m pleased to let you know that your BIG Lottery application for 3 years funding to support your Older People’s Befriending Service has been successful. Our committee will be awarding your organisation £242,000!”
2.20pm — Cries of joy and delight travel through the Victoria Centre! Stuart develops a sore shoulder from all the slaps on the back!

Stuart CelebratesWow, what a mind-blowing day! Now it is definitely not every day our organisation receives a BIG Lottery grant which will make such a difference to our work. Yet in many ways all the other donations during that day were just as important.

Grants from trusts and foundations help FDAMH deliver crucial services such as the Immediate Help Service or extend the capacity and offerings of valued services such as our busy Drop-In. Donations from other organisations, local businesses and the local community are equally appreciated, with every pound helping us support local people. Local donors can experience a great feeling of pride that they are supporting the people who live around them AND it helps FDAMH to raise awareness about mental health and the services we can offer within the community we serve.

So we offer a wholehearted thank you to everyone who made Wednesday 4th February 2015 a day to remember for FDAMH and all our 2000 service users.

04/03/2015 at 11:52 am