Enlightening Volunteer Training Evening on Art Therapy

Our volunteer training evening for November was on the subject of Art Therapy. The speaker was Alison Brough, who presently works for the NHS in Clackmannanshire. She has many years’ experience in this field and her depth of knowledge and passion for her work was obvious from her presentation. The evening began with some experiential learning as the 20+ participants were asked to draw various subjects — three prescribed and one of their own choice.

The results were of startling variety, but, as Alison pointed out, the work created in the course of art therapy is not being marked; it is about freedom of expression from the client. This was followed by some discussion on the theory of art therapy and the interplay between the therapist, the client and the artwork.

Alison had also brought along a short DVD narrated by a client who talked about her journey towards recovery through art therapy, and the place of some of the pieces of art she had created in that recovery. This drew together the practical work and discussion on theory which had preceded it. This concluded a most informative evening which, from feedback received, was enjoyed and appreciated by all who attended.

13/11/2014 at 2:47 pm