FDAMH Celebrates the Official Launch of its Training Academy

[caption id=”attachment_7301″ align=”alignleft” width=”500″]Academy Launch Dennis Canavan, Jamie Hepburn and Michael Matheson at the launch of FDAMH’s Training Academy[/caption]

Falkirk’s Association for Mental Health continues to blaze a trail by launching Forth Valley’s first Training Academy dedicated to reducing stigma and discrimination surrounding poor mental health.

FDAMH’s Training Academy was launched on Tuesday 25th August by Jamie Hepburn, Scottish Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health. Also in attendance was Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Provost Pat Reid and Dennis Canavan, FDAMH’s Patron and over forty invited guests, marking another milestone in FDAMH’s history.

Mr. David McClements, Chair of the Board of Trustees thanked Mr Hepburn for visiting FDAMH for the second time this summer. He advised that with thousands of hours of training already delivered to individuals and local organisations, the Training Academy aims to build on this success by offering bespoke training and e-learning courses in the near future. This will allow the Training Academy to reach a wider audience and contribute to the goal of further reducing the stigma and discrimination all too often surrounding mental health issues.

Mr Hepburn thanked FDAMH for inviting him to launch the Training Academy and for making him feel so welcome again. Remarking on how impressed he was with the aims of the Training Academy, Mr Hepburn added that he was fully supportive of all initiatives that support people and those caring for them, who live with poor mental health.

If you are interested in finding out more about FDAMH’s Training Academy please visit the Training Academy section of our site using the menu on the left.

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01/09/2015 at 12:11 pm