FDAMH Service Awarded Excellence in Befriending

Excellence in Befriending Mark

Our Third Age Befriending Service is celebrating it’s tremendous achievement in being awarded Excellence in Befriending by Befriending Networks!

As you may remember, in December 2015 the Third Age Befriending Service was delighted to attain the Quality In Befriending (QiB) “Good Practice” award. We were recommended to immediately apply for the “Excellence In Befriending” award.

The “Good Practice” award took nearly a year to complete so continuing the work to achieve “Excellence” was a big undertaking. However, Liz Watson from Befriending Networks can be wonderfully persuasive and we agreed to submit the work needed within 3 months.

We are thrilled and delighted to say that at the end of July we successfully achieved the “Excellence” award. Our new Excellence In Befriending logo will be flown with pride!

The Third Age Befriending Service would like to thank everyone at FDAMH for helping to collate all of the necessary information, especially Lisa in admin who had to scan so many documents it would make your eyes water.

Liz Watson at Befriending Networks receives our gratitude for providing outstanding help and support throughout the process and for her wonderfully kind and generous comments on the Third Age Befriending Service and FDAMH as a whole.

The process of attaining the award may be fairly arduous, but we have found it to be invaluable in allowing us to look at all the different strands, strengths and supports we have at FDAMH, and how they might best be used. We definitely recommend the process to any other befriending organisation.

You can find out more about Befriending Networks on their website: www.befriending.co.uk

08/08/2016 at 11:08 am