FDAMH welcomes audit by people who use its services

Members of the Involvement Group have been working very hard recently, preparing for quite a major project. They are going to examine the services that FDAMH provides using the Scottish Recovery Indicator 2 monitoring tool (SRI 2) which is made available by the Scottish Recovery Network (SRN).

Recovery is all about the individual journeys that people with mental health difficulties take in moving forward towards a better future, and how the people supporting them can work in partnership with them to help make that happen. The SRN is very keen that organisations should make recovery a central focus of the work they do, and that the good work that is already being done in that regard should be recognised and acknowledged. To do just that, the SRN has created the SRI 2, a method to measure just how recovery-focussed an organisation is.

The first task faced by the Involvement Group was to prepare and undertake a presentation to FDAMH’s staff so they would be aware of the SRI 2 tool and how it would be applied. Gordon and Karl undertook the responsibility for this.

Gordon felt that “Having joined a passionate and active group, it actually adds an extra depth of purpose being involved in such a relevant and worthwhile project. I certainly don’t feel like internal affairs checking up on something, I feel more like a champion who is taking something good and trying to make it better.”

Whilst Karl observes: “Perhaps fortunately I had some experience in putting together presentations from my previous career to draw on, however, it had been quite some time since I’d been called on to use those skills. I agreed to come up with a draft of some text for the presentation, but I wasn’t entirely confident I’d been on the right track. Fortunately Gordon and I seem to work quite well as a team and together we were able to polish up the rough first draft into something effective.” But the whole project is very much a group effort — as Gordon rightly observes: “I think each and every member of the group has a part to play and are all participating in it enthusiastically.”

Karl admits to having been a little bit anxious about the presentation. “It had been a few years since I had actually stood up and given one, so it was a bit daunting.” Fortunately, with Gordon along to provide support and run the technical side of the presentation it all went pretty well on the day. Feedback from the staff was very positive and both felt the presentation had been worthwhile, well-received, and appeared to have communicated the intended message. Karl says “I was rather pleased to discover that I still have these skills, and was able to deliver a presentation to a fairly large group of people. I feel quite proud of pulling that off, and I think that it is quite a milestone in terms of my own Recovery, and how FDAMH has helped to facilitate that journey.” Gordon seemed to have enjoyed the experience too commenting that “The project has allowed me to bring some of the skill-set that I have into play and has increased my confidence and feelings of worth.”

The Involvement Group have now commenced their work looking at FDAMH’s activities through the lens of SRI 2. We’re very pleased that the group have decided to apply SRI 2 to FDAMH and keenly await the results of the audit. Recovery is extremely important to FDAMH and we hope that this work will both demonstrate this and help us to develop further.

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23/06/2015 at 3:06 pm