FDAMH’s AGM and New Annual Report

Annual Report 2013-14_Page_01Our appreciation goes to everyone who turned up for our AGM on Wednesday 24th September. FDAMH’s speakers for the evening each took the opportunity to once again praise the magnificent efforts of our strong team of over 100 volunteers, without whom FDAMH would be unable to lend the incredible level of support that it does.

While we were pleased to report a reasonably solid financial performance with only a small overall deficit for 2013/14, the evening also highlighted the continued need to increase FDAMH’s unrestricted funds. This is money that can be spent wherever there is the need, giving FDAMH the flexibility to sustain core under-funded services, develop new initiatives and indeed fund services such as the Immediate Help Service which receive little or no targeted support.

The evening generated heartfelt discussion. In response to the Finance Director’s report, Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn stated she was amazed at the level of service FDAMH offered with the funding it receives. Provost Pat Reid then questioned how an organisation like FDAMH can prepare for a future of likely spending cuts, starting at Westminster and filtering down through local government, coupled with ever-increasing demand for services. FDAMH’s manager, Angela Price, answered by urging the statutory sector to rethink ways of working, searching out inefficiencies and putting much more effort into early preventative work to reduce overall costs. The business for the evening concluded with a look to the future as Angela sketched out current activity in delivering training to frontline Falkirk Council staff and partner agencies and plans to expand training provision more widely.

Cathy Peattie has decided to step down from FDAMH’s Board due to other commitments and Angela Aitken, Finance Director, has finally been allowed to attend her last AGM! FDAMH’s thanks and best wishes go to them both. Three new trustees were elected to FDAMH’s Board, these are: Laura Caven, Gillian Falconer and Jaclyn MacLeod. Each brings a unique set of valuable skills to the Board, along with lots of enthusiasm!

With business done, attendees settled down to enjoy confident and inspiring performances of new material by the Arts and Media Group. The group will be performing a set at Central Scotland Regional Equality Council’s 30th birthday bash event on 5th October in Stirling’s Albert Halls and we all wish them the best of luck.

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26/09/2014 at 2:01 pm