FDAMH’s pilot Mindfulness Course proves a great success

With growing interest in Mindfulness as an approach to help people deal with many mental wellbeing issues, our Social Prescribing Team decided to build on the single Mindfulness module offered in their Anxiety Management Course by offering a full 8 week course. This course was provided free and was offered to people using the Link/Social Prescribing Service. It was delivered by Mindfulness expert, John Dunbar.

14 people started the course and 12 continued through to completion. Of these, everyone agreed that they had found something of lasting value or importance from the course, and most were committed to continuing to employ mindfulness approaches in their day-to-day lives. The course was rated highly by participants in terms of its importance to them. Students on the course hope to set up their own support group to help them continue to practise Mindfulness and benefit from each others experience.

The success of the pilot means the team hope to provide future Mindfulness Courses. The Family Support/Carers Project is also commencing the delivery of Mindfulness Courses, aimed at carers. If you are interested in putting your name down for the Carers’ Mindfulness Course please contact Neil Sowerby at FDAMH.

Some comments from students:
“I have been able to live with some of the thoughts and feelings that I have more comfortably that I would have previously”
“I’m more aware, confident and relaxed. I feel refreshed and more comfortable in myself.”
“Life changing course!”
“I’ve noticed a change in my life for the better and I smile a lot more now”
“It has given me a positive direction. It has been empowering!”
“It has changed the way I see life in general”
“I have felt more alert and able to cope”
“I discovered that being aware and knowing has helped me prevent panic attacks”

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26/09/2014 at 3:49 pm