Feedback from Scottish Patient Safety Programme Regional Learning Session

Our Service User and Carer Involvement Worker has been learning all about the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) for Mental Health at a recent information session in Edinburgh. The Programme aims to systematically reduce harm experienced by people receiving care from mental health services and is centred around five work-streams:
1. Communications at Transitions of Care
2. Safer Medication Management
3. Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
4. Restraint and Seclusion
5. Leadership and Culture (which is contained within other streams).

Linda attended individual workshops on Service User, Carer, Family and Staff Involvement and Human Factors. The discussion on involvement was of particular interest. It focussed primarily on how to keep people safe on admission to hospital, throughout their stay and subsequently on discharge. People were very interested to hear from Linda about the document put together by the Falkirk Involvement Group, which focussed on how people wanted to be treated and kept safe whilst in the care of Ward 3 Mental Health Unit NHS Forth Valley.

Discussion revealed a variety of approaches from different Health Boards. For example one Board has stopped the routine prescription of “as required” medications. This has resulted not only in patients not being prescribed medication they do not need but also a huge financial gain. On the whole NHS staff seemed very keen to engage in the whole SPSP process.

Throughout the workshops, discussion groups and networking opportunities conversation often turned to turn what services did not offer or were having difficulty putting in to practice. Linda was able on more on one occasion to describe how FDAMH, as a third sector organisation, was able to offer these things and she says it made her realise just how much the organisation does do and how forward thinking FDAMH is! She says “I was very proud to be there ‘flying our flag’”.

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06/10/2015 at 2:32 pm