A great catch and a generous gift

TAB Fishing Group

Our Third Age Befriending Fishing Group allows people who used to fish to return to a loved hobby and we also have people trying it out for the first time. Our latest member has returned to fishing after a twenty year break! Offering glorious days by the water, we’ve recently enjoyed watching not only our floats, but the numerous frogs, damselflies and swifts that surrounded us.

The group can look forward to new support from expert fisher Jim, who has just completed his volunteer training with FDAMH. We’re delighted that Jim thoroughly enjoyed his first day with the group and the group members are pleased as punch with his lovely nature and top class fishing advice, a great catch for the group indeed. Jim joins our other terrific volunteers Ivo and Dan in supporting our merry band of fishers.

In addition, the fishing group would very much like to extend our sincere thanks to Gordon Brown and his family for their very kind donation of fishing rods, reels and equipment. Gordon’s father John recently passed away and the family wanted to see the substantial fishing equipment going to good use and very kindly donated it to FDAMH. We are very grateful and would like all the Brown family to know that it is being well used. We promise to pass on the first trout we catch with the rods!

14/07/2017 at 3:11 pm