Impressive support from pupils at Braes High

A group of pupils at Braes High school have given a superb presentation about FDAMH in a competition to help chosen charities win £3000. The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is supported by the Wood Family Trust and operates in 143 schools across Scotland. Senior pupils within each school select and research a local charity before doing a presentation to a panel of judges within the school, who then choose a winning cause.

FDAMH’s Women’s Group was selected along with other charities The Dolphin Club, Samaritans and First Response, amongst others. Attending the presentation event, Julie Law of FDAMH said that all of the pupils gave first class presentations that had obviously involved a lot of work. Julie was particularly impressed with the very mature understanding of mental health issues displayed by the group of pupils supporting FDAMH and their excellent audience participation exercise that gave a wonderfully visual illustration of how unseen mental health issues can be.

FDAMH did not go on to win the £3000, which was awarded to local cardiovascular health charity ‘Keep Ticking’. However, it was wonderful to see such mature and empathetic presentations and was heart-warming to be included in the selection.

Our special thanks go to the pupil team who represented FDAMH and we’d also like to thank staff member Michael Burns. It was a great effort and we’d like to congratulate all involved.

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13/11/2015 at 12:56 pm