Introducing Tea and a Blether

Meeting up once a month just didn’t feel often enough for some of the members of Third Age Befriending’s Stepping On Groups. So our TAB team have introduced ‘Tea And A Blether’ – a fortnightly get together at local cafes for group members that are keen to fit in a bit more chit chat!

Tea And A Blether started in May of this year, dotting about between favourite cafes in the Falkirk area. It’s been so popular that we now have two Tea And A Blethers on the go! Each group has up to eight members, all making their own way to the cafés. Venues are chosen by the group at the previous meeting.

We have already been to many cafes in Falkirk including Freebird, Findlay’s, Aroma’s and Shy Violets. We’d like to thank all of the staff for their hospitality – what may seem as a simple trip out can actually make a huge difference to someone’s day and their longer term wellbeing!

All members of Tea And a Blether have been referred to the service by a health professional such as GPs, CPNs and Care Workers.

If you would like more information regarding this group or other services from Third Age Befriending, please contact Michele Reap on 01324 671612 or email Michele.

30/08/2016 at 3:22 pm