John has made it to Everest Base Camp!

John at Base Camp

We’re thrilled to let you know that John Wells has safely made it to Everest Base Camp after a week of trekking through the Himalayas.

John’s journey was sparked by a tragedy that happened over 20 years ago. On the 13th November 1992 5 men lost their lives in a terrible road accident, John was one of only 2 survivors. John has marked this anniversary by arriving at Everest Base Camp, the culmination of a long journey he has been on since that day in 1992.

Before setting off today, John sent us this message, telling his story and reason behind his journey:

“Its Sun 13th nov, i have mixed emotions for day im going to be going trecking to almost on top of the world, iv been preparing this treck for some time know, iv been walking 7 days through at times some of the most difficult terain facing some physical & emotional challanges iv ever experienced.

Its a msasive achievement but its also a day for remembering as it the anniversary of the loss of 6 men who sadly got there lives took away far too soon Fri 13 Nov 1992 7 men went to work 5 men Ammy Thamson Tam 2 men from Fife never to return they all lost there lives result of a serious road accident. Jim never recoverd physicaly mentaly from the accident sadly he no longer with us.

Im the only one surviver who here to tell the story.

And im only here for God my ex wife Bernadette NHS and FDAMH , they were the ones and many others who for many years gave me there time patience and strength to come through yrs of serious mental health issues. At 21 i was in Bellsdyke Phsychiatric Hospital suffering PTSD through out my 20s/30s and into my 40s i suffers other mental heath problems. There were so many factors why i sufferd so long. There no doupt that i should be dead or locked up in a phychatric hospital as i was a potential risk to myself and others.

How did FDAMH play key part in my recovery? I was in my late 20s, i was in recovery from drink problem I heard about FDAMH i went down to visit the centre I wanted to volunteer. I met Stuart who have gave me a warm welcome the same warm welcome u recive today. and for around 3 yrs i used the centre and volunteered. I organised the bingo, carpet bowls and every fri played 5 side football. I couldent see myself getting better for getting better.

I was surrounded by people like myself in recovery from mental health problems. I was in a place where i was accepted not judged/ discriminated, i was accepted for who i was.

There came a time that FDAMH had supported me gave me self belief, confidance and by accepting the proper medical help from psychiatrists psychologists taking my meds it was time for me to face the big world.

My life was never planned but God had plans for me even for many yrs i hated God i hated when people would stop me ask how am doing and say Ye ur here for a reason God got plans for u. Im no going to say what i be thinking in my head when i hear this.

But its true he put many people in my life, examples roll models, people to talk to, learn from My best freind Bob 42 yr sober was was my biggest influence a father figure he taught me right from wrong, praised and incouraged me somthing i thrived on.

My life turned around a was still seaking support from the NHS Mental Health. I went on a journey of self discovery.

I got involved in youth worker started of volunteering in bbridge youth club and greenhill comunity flat became an adult learner went back to my old school i should have attended as a boy. i was 32 sitting in same classroom learn english, i went to collage did 2 SVQ. i got my first full time job in denny community flat to move on getting job in Stirling Council Youth Work Team managing newly opend youth provision YT club which part of my contract was to be put through a Dagree which i done 3yrs. exeptionaly difficult time i was tested for Dyslexia which had a massive impact on my learning but i did achived a Dagree in Com Ed specialising youth studies. Way beyond my wildest dreems. Still geting support for my mental health issues.

Life goes on, people came and went in my life through the yrs things happend i went back to FDAMH for counsilling a on 2 occassions still receving that warm hand shake the compassion care i reseved many yr before.

Where am i know. Well u all know am on a journey of a life time its gave me great pleasure sharing my experiance with u all on Facebook.

Today il make it to Mount Everst Base Camp one thing iv learned is i have the resilianse and strength to achieve what times i think is the impossable.

Iv failed in many things in my life at times having to do it more than once before i learn from it. Im exeptionaly proud of myself getting this far. Iv got a mission to do not just get to base camp which il do. But all so to raise awarness of the amazing service FDAMH provides there at a diffrent level of provission than when i was there many yrs ago – brand new purpously made building reaching out to who suffering mental health problems, familys volunteers and so much more.

But like other organisations they need funding. This is where u come in ye you.

For FDAMH to keep doing what they do best they need the funding, without funding they wouldent be supporting people like me and many others recovering from mental health problems. If you like to donate even a pound would be supporting FDAMH in helping – someone to put the light on who may be in a dark place.

Il be saying my prayers to the men who no longer with us. for me its a day of remembering, the good times the lafs we had on the demolition sights, singing in the van in morn.”

John, we all just want to say congratulations and thank you. You’ve been in our thoughts since you flew out a couple of weeks ago and we’ve loved sharing in your journey through Facebook. Wishing you a safe, beautiful journey back – keep the photos coming.

You can sponsor John online at BT MyDonate, as John says, even a £1 would be lovely:

You can see John’s travels on Facebook

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