Launch of Quarriers Participation Toolkit

Our User Involvement Coordinator, Linda, attended the launch of the Quarrier’s new iFive participation toolkit.

It is well understood that services work best when the people who use them are included and engaged at every stage of the decision making process. However, it is not always clear or easy to recognise what full inclusion is. The Quarriers new iFive toolkit empowers individuals to identify and implement opportunities for positive change. It can help organisations to measure and evidence participation and inclusion practices. Whilst Quarriers use the toolkit with individual service users, the principles of it can be applied to involvement in general.

iFive focuses on five sections: Information, Consultation, Involvement, Participation and Inclusion.Linda found the workshops very informative and will be using the information to help build up her own ‘Toolbox for Involvement’.

Tag:User Involvement & Consultation
14/12/2015 at 4:33 pm