Measuring Recovery Focus with SRI 2

Falkirk Mental Health Involvement Group’s key project for this year is to undertake the Scottish Recovery Indicator 2 monitoring tool with FDAMH. The tool will measure how recovery focused FDAMH is as an organisation. There are 10 indicators in total. These include measuring if personalised services are provided, is the service strengths based, does it promote social inclusion, are service users and carers involved, are staff supported and valued? After the monitoring tools are complete an action plan will be produced with recommendations where appropriate.

In order to do this a lot of preparation is required. The group has met a couple of times and have been very fortunate to have input from Louise Christie, from the Scottish Recovery Network, who was able to reassure the group that they were heading in the right direction. She has provided very useful materials to help with the monitoring process and also to raise the profile of recovery in general. A couple of group members are currently putting together a power point presentation, which will be used to inform the staff in FDAMH what to expect from the monitoring programme. As the project progresses more information will be made available.

You can find out more about SRI 2 by visiting You can also find out more about our Involvement Group by visiting ‘User Involvement’ using the link on our home page (services).

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16/03/2015 at 8:58 am