Media Group eloquence spreads understanding

FDAMH’s Media Group has had a big impact on Government staff in Glasgow by giving them a performance of comedy and poetry earlier this month. The Government’s Welfare Division had visited FDAMH in October of this year and were particularly impressed with the Media group members and the work against stigma that they are doing. They invited the group to join them in Glasgow to do a short performance and then hold a Q&A session about mental ill health and stigma for the staff.

The group devised a short selection of comedy sketches and poetry readings for the audience, including the ever popular “Séance” sketch, which went down exceptionally well. The group then put themselves forward for a Q&A for the staff and answered a wide variety of questions about the group’s dynamics and the benefits of participating in creative activities as part of their recovery. The group talked openly and eloquently about the supportive nature of the group and how recovery must encompass not only medical input, but also personal development and expression. With nearly all media group members participating in the Q&A, we were able to cover a wide variety of personal aspects, including member’s own experiences, those of a carer, a volunteer and also of a family member. New member Janet, whose trip through was only her third time of meeting with the group, spoke beautifully about how welcoming and supportive the group were and how much she was looking forward to the coming creative challenges. The responses we got were very positive, especially for the Q&A, which brought tears to the eyes of many of the audience. We always love it when we make the audience cry!

The Scottish Goverment have asked us to return in May 2015 with the new version of “We Are All Bobby” — now known as “Being Frank” – and we look forward to performing again for them.

Another astounding achievement was that one of the group members hadn’t felt able to travel on public transport in close to 10 years. With the support of the group, they travelled with the rest of the group by train and braved a very busy Glasgow City centre to get to and from the venue. This was a huge step and very much appreciated by the rest of the group.

The success of the day was made complete with a group visit to the “Spoken Word” event at BTW in Falkirk later that evening. Local author Dickson Telford was reading from his latest book “Refrigerator Cake”, as well as readings and performances by a variety of other writers and musicians. The group will have the opportunity to work with Dickson soon and are greatly looking forward to it. The evening was stimulating and a perfect end to a busy but creative day.

FDAMH would like to thank the Media Group for a wonderfully positive and enlightening illustration of the work we do here at FDAMH.

09/12/2014 at 11:41 am