Media Group meets Ruby Wax

2015 May Ruby Wax
The Pink 2:2 Media group, on seeing that Ruby Wax was performing her latest tour at Falkirk Town Hall on 8th May, contacted Ruby’s agent to enquire if Ruby might give the group some free tickets to her show. Ruby came up trumps! The group were delighted and thrilled to see Ruby’s show “ Sane New World”, which focuses on understanding mental health, the brain and the benefits of Mindfulness.

Sane New WorldRuby’s show was split into two parts (just like the brain!), with a performance to start, followed by a Q&A session with Ruby. The group thoroughly enjoyed the show and were first up to ask Ruby a variety of questions. The group’s very own Jenny asked the final question and took the opportunity to tell Ruby that the group from FDAMH were going to be performing in Falkirk Town Hall themselves the following Tuesday, delivering a play and Q&A to mental health students from Forth Valley College. Ruby was very interested and asked the group to be sure to speak to her after the show at the book signing. Chatting later, Ruby asked the group to film the show and let her see it. The group left the evening delighted, with a signed book and plans to forward a film of their performance “Being Frank” and the accompanying Q&A. Grateful thanks to Ruby for both the tickets and her interest in the group!

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11/05/2015 at 11:53 am