Mindfulness approach is looking after carers’ mental health

Research from Carers UK has shown that alongside the physical strain and exhaustion of caring, carers report high levels of stress, anxiety, worry and depression. Caring can result in a range of complex and often conflicting emotions — alongside feelings of love and duty, carers report feeling trapped, desperate and angry at their situation but then guilty about these feelings. With mental health conditions like Schizophrenia, carers may also feel they are already grieving for the person and the relationship they feel they have lost. Many worry constantly about the future, particularly parents of children or of partners who know their situation has been changed. These feelings and mental exhaustion can build to crisis point, causing stress-related medical conditions themselves.

FDAMH’s Mindfulness Course for Carers can help relieve this stress and anxiety. Two courses have now been completed and have been extremely beneficial to participants:

“This has simply been the best course I have been part of for many years. I am already embracing many of the aspects of it, and am benefiting from this on a daily basis. It is an enriching experience which I would highly recommend.”

“At the beginning of the course my mood was extremely low and I could get very angry and agitated very easily. I can now take time for myself and not feel guilty and I can also control my thoughts and feelings in a much more positive way. The whole group were very nice and open with each other, there was no judgement or embarrassment. All in all I have come away from the course very positive which is a good thing.”

You can read feedback from these participants in full by visiting our experience blog: Carers Experiences

If you’d like to sign up for one of our Mindfulness for Carers courses please get in touch with Neil Sowerby at FDAMH.

30/01/2015 at 12:56 pm