New Beginnings with the Carers’ Education Course

“I am feeling happier and calmer. New beginnings!” was just one comment from a member of our most recent Carers Education Course which finished in May 2018.

FDAMH’s Carers Education Course has been running for many years now, helping people in vital caring roles to cope better with the daily pressures and difficulties of their role in caring for someone with a mental health issue. It delves into a range of topics to help find ways of dealing with stress and feelings of anger; cope with change; and support and communicate positively with the person they care for.

Comments from the latest course also include:

“I am returning to the old me, not hiding away, crying….there is a light at the end of the tunnel!”

“I understand how (the person I care for) is feeling, and how to help them more effectively”

“It’s powerful to hear other’s stories and share experiences.”

“People have commented on me being more relaxed.”

“I have become much more positive for the future”

View full Carers Education Course Evaluation report

Are you caring for someone? If you are interested in attending our Carers Education Course in the future please get in touch with Neil or Susan in our Family Support Service by calling 01324 671600. Our next course is likely to start in Autumn 2018.