New Training is Well Received

We’re pleased with the feedback we’ve been getting from our new Introductory Mental Health Awareness Training Course. The course takes 3 hours and is intended as a basic introduction to mental health. It is suitable for any members of staff or volunteers that work with members of the public. We are delighted to have Dr. Jenny Lim on board to deliver the course. Jenny worked as a GP in Grangemouth for 16 years and during that time became involved in community health. With a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing Dr. Lim trained as a Scottish Mental Health First Aid trainer in 2005 and has delivered this and other mental wellbeing training courses, including Stress Control, since then. Additional training in Counselling has augmented her breadth of knowledge in the management of mental distress and illness and she firmly believes that the key to improved mental wellbeing is the dissemination of knowledge and understanding of mental health across our communities to equip people, both professional and lay people to support others in times of distress.

Upcoming dates for the course are: 25th June, 16th July. For more detail click here

23/06/2014 at 2:29 pm