Next COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate starts August 2016

How we communicate, and listen, can determine how successful we are with family, relationships, customers and our workplace colleagues.

The skills and insight you will gain from the COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills are practical and useful, whether you are a professional or volunteer, a carer or helper, a sales person, a parent or a manager, or someone looking for career development.

But what are ‘Counselling Skills’? These are essentially good interpersonal or communication skills. The course will teach you these in depth, including how to use a range of verbal and non-verbal skills such as summarising, asking questions in a helpful way, attending and responding to the speaker. Developing your communication skills through the course will open up a new level of understanding about yourself and others, helping you to enhance your relationships and setting you up for improved performance in many other areas of life.

Feedback from students who have attended the course indicate just how significant the changes and benefits can be:

“As a person I have changed and evolved immensely. Skills gained I can take with me in any walk of life – personal or career wise”.

“My group has only just finished Module 2 but already people are feeding back about improvements in their practice at work, changes in the way in which they interact with family, unexpected changes in themselves, growth in confidence and much more!”

The course is open to anyone and there is no minimum entry requirement. Students include hairdressers, parents, prison officers, teachers, social care employees, funeral directors, telephone advisors, shop assistants, financial service employees, social workers, nurses, sports coaches, NHS support staff and vets!

You do need a genuine interest and a commitment to study, participate and practise the skills you learn. As the course is assessed by written and practical means, effective verbal and communication skills are necessary for you to successfully complete the course.

FDAMH’s next course will commence at the end of August 2016 and is timed to accommodate working and family life. It takes place over the course of one academic year and costs £1000 — your employer may be willing to support your costs. The COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills also provides the foundation to further study for those who wish to pursue a career as a Counsellor.

To ensure the very best experience for our students the class size is small, so please apply soon to guarantee your place.

Application forms and further information

For an informal chat about the course contact Morag Fullard on 01324 671600.

22/01/2016 at 2:11 pm