Pink 2;2 Inspires Successes for Stevie

15 Apr SM Painting Participation in our Media Group, Pink 2;2, has led on to recent successes in both the visual art and publishing worlds for group member Steven McCrystal. Stevie has been painting for some years, but joining the Media Group has led to his work being exhibited regularly in the annual SMHAFF (Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival) exhibitions, local festivals and various Media Group events. Now Stevie has recently sold two pieces of his work after exhibiting both locally and online. His first sale of work is now on its way to Malaysia after the buyer saw the work in Bo’ness! And his second sold painting is heading off to Kelty, having been bought by another artist who is fascinated and impressed by Stevie’s style of painting.

Stevie’s success is not just limited to painting. The Media Group has enjoyed a number of writing projects, with support from some renowned local writers. With this encouragement, Stevie has gone on to write for E-magazine the Quail Bell and has just been asked to review poetry by another magazine called The Review Review. Stevie now regularly attends local writing group, The Spoken Word, where work written by local writers is presented and reviewed – he has clearly used this to hone his critiquing skills.

We are delighted that, through the Media Group, Stevie has found the enthusiasm and confidence to develop his talents by pursuing all sorts of opportunities in and out of the group. We wish him much continued success.

23/04/2015 at 9:29 am